Rabbit! 101: Is it raining candy? Are you sipping on sunshine?

Then you must be listening to “Rabbit!”. Rabbit! takes a musical cue from the bubblegum scene of the late 1960's and marrying it with a quirky combination of acoustic and electronic instruments, creating indie pop for the new millennium.

Rabbit! was formed at the end of a 2007 Ashton Allen tour, when Devin Moore stepped in at the last minute to fill a vacant bass position. Moore and Allen hit it off immediately, and consider Rabbit! a product of pop and circumstance. They passed the time working on casual collaborations that evolved during long drives between gigs – Moore penning lyrics as Allen whistled melodies at the wheel. Both musicians detoured sharply from their more somber solo backgrounds, and poured their energy into writing upbeat and whimsical songs. “We wanted to write music that would motivate happiness and allow people to take a break from frustrations that come with everyday life,” says Allen.