Be In A Rabbit! Video!


Hey Rabbiteers!

Do you want to be in a Rabbit! music video AND get a free copy of the new EP?!

HERE'S YOUR CHANCE! We are collecting video snippets to feature in a music video for one of the songs off our upcoming EP and WE NEED YOUR HELP - don't worry, it's easy! And if you do it, we'll send you a link to download our new EP on March 21st!


A short video of you (or your friends, or your family, or a group of peeps, or your pets... just make sure you have permission!) WAVING HELLO or WAVING GOODBYE. Be creative! You can be waving to the camera, or waving to someone, or having a group of people waving. Maybe you're waving from the top of a mountain! Or from under the ocean! Or from your kitchen! Who knows? Have fun! (Just nothing too dangerous please...)


Ground Rules and Instructions:

  1. PLEASE nothing inappropriate! It goes without saying that we will not post anything questionable, so why bother?
  2. Make sure you are filming in landscape mode. Portrait is bad for music videos! We won't be able to use it.
  3. Using your phone or your computer is ok! Just try and make sure the picture is clear.
  4. IMPORTANT: Save your video with the filename of YOUR PERSONAL EMAIL ADDRESS. Otherwise, we won't know how to get in touch with you! Your filename should look something like this: you@gmail.com.mp4
  5. Upload your videos that are between 15 seconds and 30 seconds long to THIS LINK HERE
  6. Share this page with your friends! Everyone that submits a video gets a free EP download link!!! 


THANKS AND HAVE FUN, RABBITEERS! We can't wait to see YOU in our video! :)